Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 Weddings

This year I've been so blessed to have the opportunities of shooting 3 weddings! These weddings all had very different styles, but one thing they had in common was the love that was at each wedding. I was so glad to shoot each of these weddings and now I'm happy to show you these beautiful days. Enjoy! :)

The Centeno's -- Michelle and Francisco have a great story and I am happy to have been able to capture this day for them! Their whole wedding was put on by people in their eGroup from our church. It was a very simple wedding but I loved it so much. Here's a look at their day!

The Plog's -- Meghan and Ben were college sweethearts. Their love for each other was evident and they were so kind to not only their wedding guests, but everyone that was there making their day happen. This was the most fun wedding I've shot and I can't wait to shoot more like it!

The Melchers -- Lisa and Steven were the sweetest couple. They had a very family oriented wedding, practically anyone that had a part in their day was a relative. Wishing you two the best!

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