Saturday, December 6, 2014

Baby Jack's Here!

A few weeks back I was able to capture my first birth session. Little Jack kept us waiting all day, but he finally came in the evening. :)

A few months prior to Jack's arrival his parents found out that he would be born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This means he would only have half of a heart. I was instantly saddened by this news and hoped and prayed that the ultrasounds were wrong! When it came time for Jack to be born it all went pretty quickly. I remember feeling sorry for the situation Jack was in but the one thing Lauren and Quintin asked for were prayers. They never asked for sympathy or tears, as that did no good and there was no time for that. They knew the only way Jack would make it out of his surgeries was through prayer!

Even though his first surgery went well, little Jack can still use your prayers as there are more in his future. Without further ado here's some photos of sweet baby Jack. :)